**Euphony is unfinished work.
Managing the 3D workflow for a project as large as this was an eye opener at the time. The understanding of project scope / management gained from this experience has been priceless to my process moving forward. I refer to this project whenever someone asks me "what is your greatest weakness?" or similar. Even though you find it in pieces, I hope you can still enjoy the visuals, making your own SFX is fun on this one!
Euphony, is an experimental 3D piece which explores the progressive process of layering sound to create music.
The underlying concept behind this piece was to show the cause and effect nature of engineering a song. It features a chain abstract instruments, that set one another off in a "Rube Goldberg-esque" chain. Starting from a metronome, the machine mechanics are recorded and layered into the final song.
Role: 3D / Animation / Direction
Date : 2013
Thanks to: Kyle Norby, Nida Khan, VFS, DD26, Brett Murphy.
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